How to Sell your Home During a Winnipeg Winter

Winter in Canada is hardly a newsworthy event, unless of course you’re a weather privileged NHL player answering a question on where you prefer to play during your season. For those of us tried and true Canadians who welcome the change of seasons, we can appreciate that a little cold won’t keep us from going about our regular business. That business includes buying and selling real estate in the city of Winnipeg, and yes, a little winter won’t stop our busy real estate market. Sure, everything is a little easier during the summer and that includes preparing your home for sale, but that doesn’t mean listing your home should wait. We’ve included some tips on how you can prepare your home for sale and still fetch top dollar even if the entire country is in a deep freeze.

Light it Up!

The only way to drive out the dark is with a little light. If you have a showing make sure that you compensate for earlier than normal sunsets by turning on all the lights you can in your home. Light a few unscented candles for even more ambience but make sure that no room is left in the dark. Buyers want to see what they’re buying and unlike dating they aren’t really keen on mystery when it comes to investing in their future home. Another key point when considering your lighting plan is to take a look at your outdoor setup. Ensure that people can see your home from the street and that pathways are well lit. Not only will this give potential buyers a sense of security but a well lit home against a winter backdrop looks cozy and inviting, which is something everyone can assign value to.

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Turn Up the Heat!

Speaking of cozy, nothing says no thanks like a cold and drafty home. Make sure you’ve gone through and sealed any drafty windows, doors or cellars. You also want to turn the heat up to a comfortable temperature before your showing arrives for their viewing appointment. This will ensure that the house has hit an ideal temperature before your potential buyers arrive rather than hearing the continual blowing and buzzing of heaters and furnaces. If you have a fireplace get it going before your showing arrives. Not only will it create a cozy ambience, but it will also create some additional warmth. Just make sure you let the showing agent know to turn it off before they leave.

Shovel and Salt and Sand

Winter is a simple reality here in Winnipeg and selling your home just means a little more attention than usual to your shoveling routine. Ensure that your walkways, driveways and entrances are clear of ice and snow as best as you can by shoveling and throwing down some salt and sand. If you can’t clear it, leave your listing agent a message to let them know that it could be a potential issue. They’ll either get someone there to do it ahead of a showing or they will warn the showing agent to be prepared. If you live in a strata building, find out when they clear and push snow, so that you can schedule potential showing times appropriately. Most experienced agents will avoid showings in a full out winter storm, but you don’t want to be left in the cold if a buyer can’t get through the door.

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Winter Clutter

Nothing says lack of space like a cluttered entryway. Winter in Winnipeg homes means a little extra gear a lot of the time. Finding a place for all of these extra toques, mitts, scarves and shovels ahead of a showing is a must. Don’t get caught with a wet and soppy pile of boots all over your freshly washed floors. Create a plan to wipe and stow your winter gear in closets and cupboards and make sure every family member commits to helping keep the winter clutter at bay. A couple extra minutes every day could save you an hour of winter gear cleanup on busy showing days.

Curate a Personal Tour

Winnipeg real estate agents almost never recommend that homeowners remain on site when there is a potential buyer interested in their home for sale. It makes potential buyers feel rushed and uncomfortable. What we do recommend (and this tip is good for any time of the year) is to prepare room by room information for your potential buyers and their agent as they tour your home. Perhaps your Winnipeg home has some ecclectic history or has rare millwork and other custom details that you want to draw attention to in order to command more money for your home sale. Jot a few points on bright cue card sized stationary and fix them to the areas you want to point out. It gives you an opportunity to ensure nothing was missed and it will definitely be memorable for the potential buyers and their agent after they viewed a few places. Just be careful to only point out noteworthy items and upgrades and don’t get carried away; one cue card sized note per room is plenty!

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If you’ve ever thought that you can’t sell your home during a Winnipeg winter then you need to contact us, We will give you a free home estimate to let you know how much your Winnipeg home is worth and we can also provide you with data that shows the time of year that you list your home is relative. We would love to come discuss your winter real estate needs – the only question is, who’s going to shovel the driveway?

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